Category: Cognitive Psychology

Did You Know? Learning a Language Can Help You Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury

All of us, whether we know it or not, are temporarily abled. Anything can happen at any time, and suddenly, we have a disability. This article will look at the definition of a traumatic brain injury, then move on to the standard recovery process, and at how learning a language can help you recover from

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Do Language Learners Have a Higher EQ?

Measuring a person’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient) has been common practice for decades. But in recent years, researchers have directed their attention to the study of a person’s Emotional Intelligence—their EQ. You likely already know about the primary benefits of language learning, but did you know that learning a second language could boost your EQ? Here’s

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4 Behaviors That Change How Your Brain Works

The human brain controls the mental status that guides our physical functions. Although the body is amazingly orchestrated to navigate various crises or abrupt changes that alter these processes, certain behaviors can impact the way the brain works in guiding our lives. Strong emotions. A traumatic event linked to grief or pain can have a

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