10 Tips for Mindful Language Learning

How to learn a language with Mindfulness.


Trisha Tests: Positively Icelandic #3

Stunning photograph by the very talented Jonatan Pie. So update number 3 already -  I have to say that at the moment I am finding Icelandic harder to learn than Mandarin Chinese! It has been a slow week due to the Easter holidays, however the positive plus...I have kept going. Lots of small steps still... Continue Reading →

Trisha Tests: Positively Icelandic #2

Photograph credit: Adam Jang Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland Halló, So this is my second update on the Icelandic Challenge. I have been using positive thinking to see if it would help with language learning goals. Goals Seeds:  I have found some really good resources to help me learn the language. Correction as there are now... Continue Reading →

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