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10 Ways to Amplify your Language Learning

‘How to Amplify your Language Learning’ is now available on Skillshare 🚀       Learning a language isn’t easy and it takes time, however, there are simple, yet very effective tools and techniques based on scientific principles that people can use to amplify their language learning… *** This post contains

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10 Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Listening Skills for Language Learning

One of the best ways to learn languages is to engage in conversations in your target language, but the majority of the time, we aren’t really listening or paying attention. We may be too focused on what we want to say next or be distracted by external factors like our mobile phones, other people talking,

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Does the Temperature in the Classroom Impact Learning Ability of the Students?

Teachers, administrators, and parents all share the same common goal of providing children with the best education possible. With that said, for children to excel to their full potential, it is understood that the student’s environment plays a pivotal role in how well these children learn. It is essential for students to be comfortable while

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