Trisha Tests: 10,000 words a day challenge – the outcome

Exposure to 10,000 words a day – seriously? During August of 2017, I decided to expose myself to about 10,000 German words a day for 28 days! I had a lot of mixed feedback for this challenge with a lot of people mistaking the challenge as 'learning 10,000 words' rather than simple exposure to 10,000... Continue Reading →

Why you should learn to speak a foreign language

There are many reasons why one would want to speak the language of other people or any foreign language. Some of the reasons are business, travel, matrimony, education, retirement, family, friends and personal reason or pleasure. Indeed it's not an easy thing to learn to speak a foreign language, e.g., Spanish, French, German, Icelandic and... Continue Reading →

Language Learning – How long will it take to achieve fluency?

I have heard people boast that they can achieve fluency in a language within three months. I am not against the possibility of them reaching it. I have been able to hold basic conversations with native speakers within this time frame, but setting up such goals is like setting yourself up for failure. It is... Continue Reading →

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