Month: June 2017

Language Learning Goals: July 2017 #Clear The List

你好, Hola So here is my goal round-up for July 2017. I am now in the final month of the Step Up Language Program, #SULP. I have been focusing mainly on Mandarin Chinese.  I have also been continuing to work on my side project Positively Productive, looking at how positive psychology can be incorporated into language

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10 Pets ‘n’ Animals Behaving Bizarrely

So to celebrate hitting nearly 50K visitors I decided to do a procrastination post on some pets (and some other animals) behaving rather bizarrely! I personally love animals especially cats, dogs and Pandas (owls tweet too). When I talk about distractions I normally suggest that some people prefer to look at photographs of cats or

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LangFest – Weekend of August 25 – 27, 2017

The Montreal Language Festival, or “LangFest” for short, is North America’s premier celebration and conference for language learners and enthusiasts of all levels. LangFest 2017 will take place on the weekend of August 25 – 27, 2017 at Concordia University’s downtown campus in beautiful, eclectic, multilingual Montreal, Quebec. LangFest attendees learn from and gain access

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