10 Pets ‘n’ Animals Behaving Bizarrely

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So to celebrate hitting nearly 50K visitors I decided to do a procrastination post on some pets (and some other animals) behaving rather bizarrely! I personally love animals especially cats, dogs and Pandas (owls tweet too). When I talk about distractions I normally suggest that some people prefer to look at photographs of cats or dogs rather than achieve their goals, but you know what sometimes we all need a break!

Here is my very own Rosie 


My late bearded dragon Jeffery. The most awkward way to eat dinner EVER


Now here are some from around the web and also what you have sent me… 

A rather inappropriate cat!


An even more inappropriate kitten…personal space means nothing to cats! 


When you are TRYING to work… 


This takes the expression “I have a little something up my sleeve” to a whole new level!


I’ll be your crush helmet in case you crash….


Another cat being rather inappropriate! Have you no morals!


I said cheese and My Jeffery, RIP seemed to smile for the camera. 


The food you dropped…it’s behind you! Poorly little thing looks truly devastated. 


Do you have any funny animal or pet snaps? Share them in the comment section below or contact me and I’ll get the displayed on this page. I look forward to seeing them.


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