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10 Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Listening Skills for Language Learning

One of the best ways to learn languages is to engage in conversations in your target language, but the majority of the time, we aren’t really listening or paying attention. We may be too focused on what we want to say next or be distracted by external factors like our mobile phones, other people talking,

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The Layman’s Guide to Learning Mandarin Chinese, Part 1

你好, I am excited to announce that in 2018 I will be studying Chinese Mandarin. To help keep me motivated I’ll be taken part in the Language Learners Amplified Program (#LLAP)  which is a 3-month motivational program aimed at a more holistic approach to achieving your goals. In my first week of the program, I

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How to Set Language Learning Goals in Your Bullet Journal

Estée Janssens / Unsplash

Have you ever planned your language learning goals for the year ahead? Now I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I do like a plan! A plan for accomplishing my language learning goals, etc, etc… for the next 12 months, but broken down into manageable 28-day chunks with some break days in-between. Daily

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