Trisha Tests: Language Learning with Sound Fluent


Anyone can learn a second language. It’s not about intellect or having special ‘DNA‘ as the CEO of Sound Fluent, Christine Hammond explains…

Audio Interview with CEO of Sound Fluent

What inspired the creation of Sound Fluent?



Christine Hammond, CEO Sound Fluent. 

My own experience of learning languages. Feeling like there must be a way to get the benefits of immersion faster. This led me into doing a whole lot of research, lots of experiments and refinements. Now I’m launching the first version of the method in Chinese and French. I’m inspired by the idea that anyone can learn to speak a language, and it doesn’t need to take months or even years to start having conversations.


Language Learners Journal Feedback on Sound Fluent


Trisha Collins-Dunbar, founder of Language Learners Journal.

“The method works with the way your brain learns naturally, so language learning flows with ease. I have found myself learning Chinese much faster with this method. The language is imprinting in my brain and I am more successful at recalling it in comparison to other similar methods, such as Glossika and Pimsleur. It takes practise, consistance and perservance to learn a new language.”

Please note I am not receiving any payment for this post. I used the product as part of the ‘Step Up Language Learning Program‘ and was so impressed with the results I was getting I wanted to share it with others.

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