Clear the List: April 2017

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Photo Credit: The awesome work of Thomas Tucker.

So it’s that time of the month again! No, not that time! The time when I sort my goals out and this month is going to be an exciting one…

Last Month’s Goals:

  • Priority Language was Spanish and I did manage 45 minutes per day!
  • Friday’s became my Mandarin Chinese Study day.
  • I managed to study BSL for 2 hours per week.
  • French…well I gave directions to a French tourist does that count?

This Month’s Goals:

This month I have an exciting new language learning challenge that I am taking part in! I am kick-starting Icelandic with a 28-day challenge. You can check out the full story of why here.

I am going to be fully focused on Icelandic so I will be studying no other languages for the next 28 days. This was the language that was selected by you awesome folks on social media for me to learn next. I am not familiar with this language whatsoever and will appreciate all the help and support I can get from the language learning communities.

Also this month  I am super excited to announce that I am launching my own little language learning business. I will be supporting newbie language learners via positive and cognitive psychology techniques. Sometimes we forget how to learn or the techniques we use are not efficient for us. When something does not work we run the risk of giving up. I will not let that happen, no way.

As it’s a brand new business I will be offering 20 minute motivational 1-1s on Skype pro bono!!! For more information please contact me, but there are only a limited amount of spaces.

The Biggest Lesson I Am Taking Away from Last Month:

Sometimes you just need to take a day or 2 out for reflection.

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I look forward to seeing what your goals will be this month.

 So what are your language learning plans for the month ahead? Do you have any Icelandic resources to share OR do you want to start you own 28-day learning challenge? Comment below or on one of the social media sites where I hang out… 


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11 thoughts on “Clear the List: April 2017

  1. Are you going to film yourself? If you had Instagram or a YouTube channel, you could share your progress in learning Icelandic. Or do you have that?

    • Hi Kamila, yes I do plan to record my progress & will be sharing it on here & social media.

  2. I’m so excited for your Positive Psychology plant! And honestly, your little project seems amazing! Good luck with it!!

  3. Hi! You’re language challenge for this month sounds really exciting, love the idea! Good luck! 🙂

  4. Learning through positive psychology sounds interesting! I checked your article on how to improve language learning in 20 ways and I’m definitely going to implement some of that in my study routine. I’ll check your progress with Icelandic and come share some positive energy then! Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great!

  5. Awesome progress! Are you going to the Polyglot Conference in Reykjavik?

  6. Excited about your new business venture! And all the best for your language this month! 🙂

    • Thank you Lindsay. I am planning to take a TEFL course in September. So after that I will be enrolling on one of your fabulous teaching courses.

  7. Hi Trisha 🙂
    Congrats on your language progress. It awesome that you are also starting coach online! I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. As we say in French “plus on est de fous, plus on rit” (the more the merrier)

    Are you planning on going to the Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava next month? I’d be thrilled to meet you there.

    Good luck with your goals in (the second half of) April


    • Bonjour Angel,

      Thank you. I am hoping to do a short video update on my Icelandic soon. My background is in psychology and I have been coaching for over 5 years offline so I thought it was about time to make my skills digital.

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