Our Mission, Values and Vision

Empowering Independant Language Learning 

Our Mission

Mission Statement: Empowering independent language learning and teaching via a more holistic approach. 

This mission statement underpins everything we do at Language Learners Journal. We aim to provide support and guidance to empower independent language learning. We also highlight the importance of learning languages not just for business or social reasons, but to help improve mental well-being and cognitive functioning too.

Working closely with other language businesses and teaching organizations we aim to inspire a more holistic and mindful approach to learning languages. This includes simple, yet very effective mindfulness techniques, promoting community collaborations, physical well-being and developing mindsets too.

Our mission statement is reviewed on a quarterly basis with professional linguists, polyglots, language teachers and psychology graduates to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

Our Core Values

Supporting our mission statement are our core values, this is the ethical framework in which Language Learners Journal operates within.

Community Collaboration. Supporting independent learning and teaching by working together and supporting each other.

Open Approach. Offering support to all language learners across the globe.

Accessible. Making language learning available to all who have an internet connection.

Responsive.  Listening to and acting upon feedback from independent language learners and teachers.

Our Vision for the Future

With our mission statement and core values in mind, we have a clear focus on where we aim to be in the future.

Language Learners Journal aims:

  1. To increase the number of people wanting to learn a second language, in the UK where the take up of language learning is very low.
  2. Offer 100 digital coaching hours for free in 2018 for refugees learning English.
  3. Everyone supported by Language Learners Journal to know that they can be a successful language learner with the right support in place.
  4. Language Learners to work in conjunction with other language professionals to design, deliver and even facilitate language learning resources and groups both on and offline.
  5. Rather than seeing each other as competitors unite language learning providers and communities. Working together with them to achieve the common goal of inspiring and motivating more people to take on learning a second language.

For more information or to help us achieve our vision please watch and share our official video, thank you.