Mindful Learning: How to be More Focused and Productive

Mindful learning isn’t something I have any experience of but I like it! This course has lots of hints, tips, and tools that I will use for my learnings from now on!

– Mr Gary McCann

Great, its a great introduction to a new WAY of learning, breaking down the fear of learning a new language, a fear that you might make a fool of yourself. Trisha talks about mindfulness in such an engaging way, as a means of focusing attention productively towards the task in hand. Thanks Trisha! Look forward to learning more!

-Anne M.

As a mental health practitioner myself, I found this course a good all round overview of Mindfulness and how it can be applied to specific areas of your life. The instructor was engaging and insightful. I would recommend it to those who are new to this wellbeing method, and also to those who are exploring the avenues that mindfulness journies can take you“.

– Dawn Caswell

Amazing advice on learning and being in the moment of learning. Thank you!”

– Charlotte Parker-Quaife

“Very well explained and with interesting examples, it catches my attention from minute 1! Very useful and looking forward to applying these techniques to my job, studies, etc. Feeling very inspired! Thank you Trisha.”

– Eva

“A nice short course that provides information to help you decide what kind of learner you are. Then how to use your preferred learning method(s) to advantage your studying. I particularly liked Trisha using language studying as a demo model, as that is relevant to me and so many others nowadays. Also, when I had an enquiry she was quick to respond and resolve it. It’s always nice to know that your teacher is there for, and supportive, of your learning.” 

– Annie B-W

“Wonderful course, I’m taking away a number of tips that can be applied to any learning, not just language learning. It’s a solid introduction to mindful learning.”

– Rebekka Lee