Trisha Tests: Positively Icelandic #2


Photograph credit: Adam Jang Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland


So this is my second update on the Icelandic Challenge. I have been using positive thinking to see if it would help with language learning goals.

Goals Seeds: 

  1. I have found some really good resources to help me learn the language.
  2. Correction as there are now 331,000 Icelandic speakers worldwide!
  3. I have been focusing on some basic Icelandic greetings this week. My goal for the week a head is to be able to introduce myself.

 3 positive achievements 

  1. I have found some amazing resources that are FREE!!!
  2. I  have an amazing supportive language learning community around me, thank you!
  3. I have support from some native Icelandic speakers.

Support those who are struggling too.

Throughout this challenge, I will also be offering 20-minute pro bono motivational chats with those struggling to learn a new language or wanting some support with their self-esteem. I only have a limited number of spaces available so please contact me to book

Sjáumst síðar



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