Why you should learn to speak a foreign language

There are many reasons why one would want to speak the language of other people or any foreign language. Some of the reasons are business, travel, matrimony, education, retirement, family, friends and personal reason or pleasure. Indeed it’s not an easy thing to learn to speak a foreign language, e.g., Spanish, French, German, Icelandic and Mandarin, but there are many things to gain from learning other people’s language. There is prestige in being able to speak others language, personal satisfaction, and financial gain. The peer envy that is accompanying this kind of skill can be enormously rewarding.

If you’re an ex-pat, you will need to work on your skill and learn the language fastly. Learning and improving your communication skills in other people’s language is very important. You will need to master as quickly as possible so that you can adapt quickly to the environment. For example, if you have gone to study in a foreign country, say culinary Arts in France with French as the language of communication you definitely will not face language problem if you already learned how to speak the language. Even if you do not already know how to speak it, it will be easy for you to learn it if you integrate into their system.

As a business person who does international business, you need the knowledge of the foreign language to do your business well. If you are a business man from Saudi Arabia and you do your business in China and Germany, it will be easier for you to do your business without the help of an interpreter if you understand the Mandarin and German language. Learning how to speak the language of the country, you do your business will make things easier for you.


What if your partner is a foreigner, and both of you speak different languages, don’t you think is very important to go for language learning class so you can communicate in both languages with understanding? Yes, it is. There are many cases of interracial marriages. Language is always a problem in this type of marriages, and the only solution to it is learning to learn languages to avoid a breakdown in communication.

It doesn’t just stop here, learning a foreign language can help you make many friends, and you will be able to communicate and socialize with them without any communication problem. That feeling of being different from them because they are foreigners will no longer be there.

The reason why you should learn a foreign language are numerous and inexhaustible. It is also easier to secure a job in a foreign land or country if you can speak and understand the language of the country.

And lastly, it is a thing of pleasure, and it is interesting to speak another man’s language. Many people learn a foreign language because of the passion they have for it.

You might be thinking of how or whether it will be possible for you to learn a foreign tongue limited time and resources within a short period? I tell you, it is possible if you can sacrifice your time, energy and be passionate about learning the language.




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