Foreign Language Learning – 6 Tips to get you started…

Learning to speak a foreign language is not as easy as some might think, however, one can learn and understand it within a short period if determined and passionate about the language. 

Below are 6 language learning tips to help you get started and master any language of interest in the shortest possible time.


Anyone can learn a foreign language, but not all can learn at the same pace. Set your goals and evaluate how you can learn best having in mind a realistic plan to start learning the language of choice or interest.


 Just like a fresher or a little child learning language for the first time, you don’t have to start by learning complicated terms or expression. Start from simple to complex. Start from common words and their uses. Start by learning the use of common vocabulary and common phrases and then you can practice how to make sentences with common words you have learned. Try and make sentences with words you say every day and take correction anytime you make any mistake.


 Repeat what you hear people say and practice making your sentences with them. Do not mind if people make a jest of you for speaking it correctly. People will always make a joke of you, but this will make you perfect. Think of things you always say in your local language and make sentences with them in the foreign language. Then start practicing to make conversation with them. You can buy some language learning software or buy some traditional language video tapes of interest that are subtitled. Play it and ensure you understand it as much as possible. Play it over and over again and mimic what each character says. Ensure you focus mainly on the pronunciation and accent. It will help you greatly in getting used to the different mouth movement and vocal patterns that make learning or speaking a foreign language intimidating and challenging.


When you plan to learn a more complex grammatical concept, you should try and simplify every idea. For example, in Conjugation, there are various patterns. Especially in Latin, there are patterns for every conjugation. You have to learn and memorize these patterns of 5 verbs and apply all patterns to all other verbs that you will learn. Some learners look at conjugation as being difficult and may also give up, but conjugation is so simple if you put in your time and effort to learn and memorize the patterns which you can apply to all verbs. However, this principle is not perfect as there are exceptions and other irregularities in those verbs that do not follow regular patterns. But looking for patterns is an essential and efficient tool to language learning.


Focus on pronunciation, break each word into syllables and pronounce each one. Look for letters or groups of letters that make particular sounds when grouped, and you will be able to recognize them as they appear as new words, large compound words. This will make it easier for you to break the phrase down to smaller parts that are not difficult to sound out. Once this is done, start saying the words slowly while focusing on each syllable. As you become mastering it, repeat saying it at a reasonable speed.


It is critical to read out loudly in learning to speak any language. It allows you to combine all the essential steps in language learning. Start with very easy to read books of age 8-13. The sentence is easy to translate and straight forward to read.

As earlier said, learning to speak any foreign language is not as easy as you thought it to be but you can master it within a short duration if you have passion and you devote your time to learning it.  


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