Language Learning with Anxiety Disorders

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Here is my very first ‘Google Hangout on Air‘ on Language Learning!!!

It addresses the subject of language learning with anxiety disorders.  Skip to about 8.2 (I arrived early and was only advising people they need a pen and paper at the ready. So if you are watching this vid for the first time…go do it grab a pen and paper.)

Tips for Managing Anxiety when learning Languages


Photo by Lesly B. Juarez on Unsplash


Become Aware of Negative Thoughts

One of the most effective ways for you or your students to deal with anxiety is to become aware of negative thoughts. Once you have an awareness of what they are and how often you are applying them you can do something proactive to change them. Many Language learners actually provoke anxiety by setting unrealistic standards for their performance. Identify perfectionist tendencies as these keep you from recognizing successes no matter how small. Check out How to Manage Unhelpful Thoughts When Learning a New Language for some more strategies to apply.

1 in 4 People in the UK with Suffer Will a Mental Illness at Some Point

Acknowledge your anxious feelings and realize that anxiety is a widespread phenomenon. If it is a student you are teaching assure them that anxiety is common. If you feel that anxiety is getting in the way of your learning seek professional support. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Check out 10 Ways to Overcome a Fear of Learning a Foreign Language.

Learning Languages Mindfully

Mindfulness is well known to help with focus and attention, so it makes sense to build it into a good language learning routine. The positive benefits mindfulness can have on our well-being is also well documented. So if you are an anxious language learner check out 10 Tips for Mindful Language Learning

Do you suffer from anxiety when learning a language? What tips do you have for studying with anxiety? Comment below:


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