10 Reasons Language Learners Need to Blog!

Language learner? Here are 10 Reasons That you Need to Build a Blog.

Blogging is such powerful learning tool and I believe all language learners should blog! It’s now easier than ever to set up a blog just pop to the main WordPress site.

1. Accountability

Keeping an online blog with help with accountability.

2. Writing improves communication skills

Writing practice especially in your target language will boost both your skills and comfort level with revealing and relating their own thoughts and feelings.

3. Writing (and vlogging) will help you review and remember recently learned the material.

Isn’t it always easier to remember a website address to visit later if we write it down somewhere? A brief blog post focusing on what you have learnt that day is a great way to reinforce your target language learning and support long-term recall.

4. Writing helps native speakers/language tutors see progress being made

Writing a blog demonstrates that you understand x or y concept. Writing the blog or recording a vlog will help you (and your followers) review what you have mastered and where there may still be gaps.

5. Writing is essential for self-understanding

Writing can help you understand and make sense of your own experiences, locate contexts, and make (sometimes surprising) discoveries about thoughts and feelings.

6. Writing encourages creativity and exploration

Daily writing encourages a creative flow that can help explore possibilities, delve into problem-solving, and engage in storytelling.

7. Improved confidence levels

Positive comments from other language learners can really boost confidence levels. There may be the old troll, but the great thing is you don’t have to approve those comments just trash them!

8. Share Resources 

It is a fantastic way of sharing knowledge and resources. I have discovered so many awesome books and other resources by reading the blogs of others.

9. Peer Support

I learnt just as much from my fellow language learners than language tutors over the years. I find the stories of language learners inspiring and they help me with my own language journey.

10.  Digital Portfolios

Blogs may be used for digital portfolios and all the benefits this entails.Work is permanently stored, easily accessed and valuable comparisons can be made over time for reviewing progress.


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