10 Personal Reasons to Learn a Second Language

1 You want to speak to other people

It is important to become immersed in the language you are learning.  For me, one of the main reasons for learning a second language was to be able to talk to people in their own language. This meant making new Chinese and Spanish friends. Knowing Spanish and Chinese people gives me the opportunity to speak the language on a regular basis and learn more about their cultures.

2 You will become passionate about other languages

You really have to want to learn a language to be successful at it. It’s not going to be easy, you will need to be consistent and persistent with your study. I have posts it notes and messages in my journal to remind me of the reasons for learning that particular language.

3  You will develop skills in perseverance

With a language, you certainly need to put in a lot of effort in and you need to maintain it.

4 Learning a new language will help you build greater confidence

You’ve got to go out there and be confident and just say what you want to say. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, it is all part of the learning process. You need to be able to be confident. Even if you don’t speak your target language well.

5 Learning a language can help you develop a more positive mindset – mistakes are not negative

Mistakes allow you the opportunity to learn. You know, people say, “Learn from your mistakes.” That’s why we make a mistake so that we don’t have to do it again. see mistakes as opportunities for progression rather than failure.

6 It will help you to become more open-minded

The third is because you’ll discover so much. Not only will you be more open to a whole new culture, you’ll be able to meet thousands of other people thanks to your extra language. No one knows where life will take us, and knowing this extra language might just make your life completely different.

7 It will keep your brain active and healthy

The great news is that language learning has scientifically been proven to slow down mental ageing and keep cognitive decline at bay by challenging yourself with language learning.


8 It can help you overcome shyness

Naturally, I am very shy, but when I am learning new languages I have had to overcome this in order to speak to others and progress.

9 You will gain a better understanding of the world and how we’re all connected in it

By being able to speak a language with native speakers, you can better understand their culture, background and traditions.

10 It can open the door to new possibilities for you…

If you learn another language, it will enable you to do so many other jobs, work in different industries and people will start paying attention to your new found skill.


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