Language Learning Goals: July 2017 #Clear The List

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你好, Hola

So here is my goal round-up for July 2017. I am now in the final month of the Step Up Language Program, #SULP. I have been focusing mainly on Mandarin Chinese.  I have also been continuing to work on my side project Positively Productive, looking at how positive psychology can be incorporated into language learning to help achieve better results.

Last Month:

  • #SULP – Sadly I have slipped a little in my progress due to illness so I really so need to ‘step it up‘ for the final month.
  • I launched my own little business coaching motivation, self-esteem, and confidence back in April. It has really taken off and I have had to put a little waiting list in place. I am also doing some freelance consultancy and promotional work for some fabulous language learning products, websites, blogs and services. Thank you, everyone, for your support.

This Month’s Goals: 

  • Study Mandarin Chinese for about 40 minutes, 5 days per- week.
  • Learn 5-10 new Chinese characters per day. I am using Chineasy products to help with this.
  • Build vocab – Learn 5-10 new Mandarin words-per-day. I am using Language courses on Udemy.  To help me with this.
  • Get up to speed with my video updates for #SULP.
  • Help other language learners to the best of my ability. Providing free resources. I created a FREE PDF Planner to help people write down and review their goals. You can download it here. I’ll be using a copy of this too!
  • I have a Mandarin Meetup in my local community AND this month it’s our birthday! We are a year old!
  • Use ‘Hello Chinese’ / ‘Memrise app for at least 5-10 minutes on a daily basis.

Lesson Learnt

I did not meet my goals this month (apart from learning Chinese characters) so feel a little sad, but I am only human and prone to illness. Sometimes we need to take a break and that is okay. I have been studying various languages almost non-stop for nearly a year.

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14 thoughts on “Language Learning Goals: July 2017 #Clear The List

  1. Happy Birthday to your language meetup 😀

    For my husband’s birthday this year, I signed us up for beginning Mandarin lessons. He was not super excited at first, poor guy, but we both really enjoyed the class. Now he’s using Hello Chinese to review words and I’m using Chinese Skill. The Chineasy materials are looking really tempting too…

    Hope your studies go well in July!

  2. You’re doing great with your newborn business, with sharing valuable language related content with the community and creating resources (I’ll be using your planner this month 🙂 ). Indeed we’re only humans and sometimes we need a little break. I hope you’re feeling better now!
    Good luck with your goals for July!

  3. Hey Trisha 🙂
    I find it awesome that you managed to learn Chinese characters and launch your coaching business despite being sick. This is a reminder to look at the achievement and not only at what we wish we would have done. But hey full disclosure, I’m like you. I always look at the 20% I couldn’t do, rather than at the 80% I did do.

    I’m sure you’ll have a very productive July. Good luck with your goals.

  4. Glad to hear your business has taken off well!
    I also had a less productive June… but the important thing is to be determined and get back on track when you can! Hope your July has been better, best wishes for the rest of it!

  5. Really nice goals. I think the main thing is to not beat yourself up if you have an unproductive month/week. Sometimes it isn’t always possible to do everything but as long as you keep trying you will get there. And as you have said, a break is sometimes good; I feel refreshed after a little break and ready to go back at it again.
    I have the Chineasy book because it was too pretty not to buy, but haven’t started Mandarin yet. Would love to know how you have found it for learning the concepts and radicals 🙂
    Best of luck with the month ahead.

    1. Hello there. I found the Chineasy range really helped me to remember the characters, much faster than any other method I had used. I learnt 30 radicals in a day! A week later I could still remember 25.

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